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Take part in Operation Desert-Storm and battle for the future of Kuwait in squad-based combat with Conflict: Desert Storm. Single-player missions will have you on the side of the Western Alliance; supervise individual soldiers or those in teams. Characters differ in abilities thanks to the class-based system, and they earn experience the longer the stay alive during the game. Multi-player games will allow you to play as either side of the 1991 Middle-Eastern conflict.


Your missions are as unpredictable as they are dangerous: from vital scud-hunting missions deep within enemy territory to highly secretive rescue and assassination operations in Baghdad itself. As the first line of defense, your objective is clear: Protect Freedom.


  • Team-based action and stealth featuring four easy-to-control characters.
  • Large detailed environments with smoke, heat haze, and shadows.
  • Seamless movement between indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Interact with helicopters, tanks and other vehicles.
  • Reward system utilizing medals and promotions, plus the experience system allows soldiers to improve from mission to mission.
  • In-depth Artificial Intelligence governs enemy actions and fellow team members.
  • Stunning graphics and visual effects.
  • Dynamic, interactive music and stunning sounds effects

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One of my first, if not the first TPS games. The one that got me hooked on shooters even though it\\\\\\\\ ConflictDesertStorm PC
it is a cool game. my best person is folie the one and only sniper! ConflictDesertStorm PC
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Well Game cube needs an ation game to break off from all those adventure games. At...

They said it was going to be the most realistic tactical based fighting game, but what did we get. Play and see ConflictDesertStorm PC

I love everything this game has to offer, even though I may not have mentioned it. You...

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