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Chaos Field is based on the Japanese arcade game of the same name and features the sort of frenetic, swarming action associated with 2D top-down shooters. Players control one of three characters over five levels and can use such weapons as missiles, shields, swords, and the titular "chaos field."


Chaos Field gives vertical shooter fans reason to rejoice! The non-stop action unfolds over five challenging levels, each with three tough stages to test even the most confident arcade jockey's skills. The game includes three playable characters, each with its own unique ships and characteristics. Attacks include beam weapons, missiles, shields, swords, special attacks, and the legendary Chaos Field.


2 modes of gameplay-the Arcade original and a new Original mode created exclusively for the GameCube
3 different playable characters, each with their own weapons & abilities

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Jan 06, 06 8:35am

Attempting to follow up on the success of the shooter Ikaruga, Chaos Field is another...

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