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Two of the worldfs fighting giants battle on the Gamecube! Capcom vs. SNK 2 E.O. unleashes lightning fast animation and classic arcade fighting action in a colossal slug-fest. Choose from over 44 characters from the Capcom and SNK fighting universes, then customize your character's fighting style with your own favorite fighting gGroove.h The all new extreme offense feature adds attacks at the touch of a button to deliver devastating combos!


Two control modes make the game accessible for both novice and experienced players:

EO-ism: This feature also automatically blocks for the player and determines the strength of an attack.
AC-Ism: Use this control mode to map light, medium, and hard attacks to the controller buttons.
Capcom vs. SNK 2: E.O. allows players to choose between one of six fighting grooves:

C Groove - Players can use level 1-3 Super Combos, 'Air Block' and Counter attack to defeat their opponent. This groove is similar to the Capcom groove found in the original.
A Groove - This is the original combo style used in the Street Fighter Zero series. Players can freely mix and match moves to create their own "Custom Combos."
P Groove - Players can use the 'Parry' feature to avoid any attack. A level 3 super combo can only be used in this groove.
S Groove - This groove is similar to the SNK groove found in the original. In this groove, when a character's vitality is low, the player can unleash a super combo limitlessly. If the gauge reaches its limit when the vitality is almost gone, players can perform a "Max Super Attack."
N Groove - From King of Fighters '98, players can stock up to 3 levels of super gauge. In this groove, players can perform a 'Power Max' by using a level gauge to enhance the character's attack power for a while.
K Groove - The groove uses a combination of 'Just Defense' which makes the opponent's attacks ineffective, and a 'Rage Gauge'. Once this gauge is full, the player's attack power increases and they are able to use a 'Max Super Attack.'


  • Enjoy more characters options. Fight with more than 40 characters from the world-famous Capcom and SNK franchises, such as Street Fighter, Final Fight, Darkstalkers, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters.

  • Accumulate points through a judgement performance in real-time, based on the player's game performance.

  • Gain instant access to devastating special and super moves at the touch of the left and right thumbsticks.

  • Experience six modes of play, including arcade mode, versus mode, survival mode, training mode, and color edit mode.

Editor's Note:

The "EO" stands for "Easy Operation" in the Japanese version of the game.

Added on: July 30, 2002

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