Burnout features high-speed street racing and dramatic crash sequences in real-time as well as detailed slow-motion instant replays. There are 16 courses set around the world, each with their own unique challenges and obstacles.


  • High-risk, arcade-style street racing

  • Rewards dangerous driving

  • 14 traffic-filled courses through cities and the countryside

  • ver 300 vehicles

  • Advanced traffic AI

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Birth of the greatest racing series ever. Burnout Xbox
A really good racer that beats project Gotham Burnout Xbox

Burnout is a racing game with a difference. The idea is to be your opponents to the...


I brought this about two years ago for £15, and it got me hooked to the Burnout...


Graphics: Burnout is a really good-looking game, with smooth, shiny cars and nice...


This game is very fun and the last 2 championships will keep u trying for a while......


its alright if less than £20 is spent on it .................


This game is fantastic. It's addictive, smooth and extremely playable. Gone is the...


This game is a must-buy. The cars handle well and there are a good number of tracks...


I found this to be a very fast game to play and with the AI drivers just as reckless...


Very fun to play with a friend and against AI. Saving your crashes to view later is...

  • Genre: Car (GC)
  • Perspective(s): First Person,Third Person
  • Developer: Criterion Games
  • Publisher: Acclaim
  • Released
    North AmericaApr 30, 2002
    EuropeMay 3, 2002
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