Batman: Vengeance Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.5/10

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Batman: Vengeance Reviews

website score publish date article quality 86% Nov 17 '02 6.75/10 Jan 30 '02
Gamecube Europe 7.2/10 Dec 18 '02
Nintendojo 6.2/10 Mar 30 '04
GameSpot 7.4/10 Nov 28 '01
Gamespy 73/100 Dec 13 '01
IGN GameCube 8.1/10 Nov 19 '01
Invisible Dream 82% May 29 '02
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Batman: Vengeance Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot Nov 12 '01
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Gamecube Europe on

"Batman has never looked so good and for once the developers have taken as much care with the gameplay and story as they have with the overall presentation."

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GameSpot on

"Ubi Montreal has managed to bring over the Dark Knight's adventures with a bit of gloss."

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GameSpot on

"Batman: Vengeance succeeds at what it set out to do--it puts you into the role of Batman."

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Gamespy on

"Though not an especially deep game, Batman Vengeance is fun and sports good pacing and production values. It's no game of the year, but you'll want to play this bat adventure to the very end."

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IGN GameCube on

"The Dark Knight crashes Nintendo's next-generation console in shining good form."

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