A stunning RPG world where you play as Kalas, a 17-year-old young man whose family has been murdered. He also suffers from having been born with only one wing - the other is mechanical. Also, Kalas as the unique ability to communicate with those from a different spirit plane. All battles are done with Magnus Cards.


  • Ingenious, twist-filled story rich with surprises and emotions.
  • Gorgeous graphics: sub-worlds, villages, cities and weather patterns burst with colors and details.
  • Innovative card-based battle system: 1,000+ "Magnus Cards," each with uniquely beautiful artwork.
  • Capture the essence of certain items within blank Magnus Cards, then reproduce these essences to solve puzzles, battle enemies, heal comrades and more.
  • Magnus Cards change through time: foods will ripen or rot, items will rust or gain or lose value
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Really awesome game. The only flaw is the voice acting kinda sucks. Gameplay style is like a card game. BatenKaitos GC
I currently want to play it again . BatenKaitos GC

The Gamecube isn't exactly overflowing with RPGs, so it's nice to see Namco supporting...

One of the few RPG's on the GC that really stands out. Has an innovative and effective battle system which uses cards too. BatenKaitos GC

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean is probably one of the best RPGs in the...


Oh Namco, what does your name mean? You've given us top notch RPGs like the "Tales"...


Baten Kaitos, in no way, was a long awaited game. Nobody knew what it was, but they...


Hundreds of years ago, while the Earth still floated in the massvie puddle called...


Finally, an acceptable RPG for gamecube that doesn't have an action-based battle...

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