Amazing Island is a competition-driven, magical monster simulation game that takes place on a fantastic island in another world. The "Black Evil" has taken over this lush and colorful land and has captured the once happy natives -- the Maboo tribe. Players have the ability to defeat the "Black Evil," take back the land and return it to the Maboo tribe. To do so, gamers use their imagination to create their own monster - using a nearly infinite number of possibilities - and enter it in a series of competitions involving timing, speed and head-tohead battles. To the victor goes the magical orbs that hold the power of the island and the key to returning the peace and prosperity to Amazing Island.


Amazing Island is a monster trainer/breeder game -- one that's more creatively restrictive than Magic Pengel, yet looks to offer a more thorough gameplay experience. As often happens in these games, an evil force has descended on the island, endangering its native tribes. Luckily for the natives, this is the sort of evil that can be defeated by entering your custom kaiju (monster) into water-skipping competitions, foot-races, GBA-based card battles, and other assorted mini-challenges


  • Amazing Island offers roughly 30 types of challenges where victory gains the player magic orbs and hundreds of new monster-modification options.
  • The creature creation/editing process involves players adding video game "flesh" to a variety of skeletal types, and the resulting creations can look very impressive.
  • The game engine automatically smoothes the outlines of "flesh" drawn by the player, and manufactures a fully 3D creature that looks at home in its video game environments.
  • Unlockable skins and objects allow for outlandish creatures adorned with shimmering scales, wings, Viking-horned helmets, rotating police-style "bubble flashers," and many others

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Gotta love a game where you can make a swarm of bees and save the world by playing minigames with said swarm of bees. AmazingIsland GC
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It's Radical! To the max! AmazingIsland GC
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It's hard to come up with an original game nowadays, but I think Hitmaker (the...

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This game is pretty cool. AmazingIsland GC
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