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Average Review Score: 7.5/10

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Alien Hominid Reviews

website score publish date article quality 8/10 Mar 02 '05 2.5/5 May 25 '05
Game Freaks 365 7.7/10 Dec 29 '06
Nintendojo 8.6/10 Jul 12 '05
Game Over 80% Jan 24 '05
GamePro 9.5/15 Jan 24 '05
GameSpot 8.4/10 Nov 18 '04
IGN GameCube 8.1/10 Nov 09 '04
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Alien Hominid Previews

website publish date article rating Oct 01 '04 Sep 08 '04
GameDaily Oct 01 '04
GotNext Sep 22 '04
Gaming-Age Jul 30 '04
Nintelligent Network Jul 31 '04
Nintendojo Aug 25 '04
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Quoted from Alien Hominid Reviews:
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"This is one of those games where, although it is a simple game, it is not so simple as to be repetitive and boring, but is rather simplistic and entertaining. If you've been holding out on getting this game for some reason, and you're a fan of Contra, hold out no longer. This game is definitely worth what you're likely to pay for it."
"While its gameplay design may appear to be derivative, there truly isn't anything else quite like Alien Hominid on consoles today."
"While joy riding in its new spaceship, Alien Hominid crash lands in front of FBI headquarters, and narrowly escapes with only its alien hide. Alien Hominid must find its spaceship and get off this rock before its vicious human enemies find it and cart it off to Area 51."
"If you're capable of fondly remembering your favorite shooters as attractive, tight, and interesting, you'll fondly remember this, too."
"This game is pure old-school Gunstar Heroes-style action. A whole slew of enemies, some human, some robotic, and some canine, will try to stop you from getting back to your spaceship at every turn. One alien against a limitless flow of enemies seems impossible at first... but then again, your Hominid will have access to 7 different power-ups for its gun and grenade stockpile,"