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In this latter-day platform shooter from unconventional publisher O~3 Entertainment, players make an emergency stop on the planet known as Earth -- to blast away nosy FBI agents, clueless humans, and just about anything else that moves. Based on the popular newgrounds.com Flash animation game by Tom Fulp (programming) and Dan "Synj" Paladin (character design), Alien Hominid casts players in the title role -- a cute little yellow extraterrestrial with a powerful ray gun, an itchy trigger-finger, and a dearth of patience for lower life forms.

Like the online "prototype," console versions of Alien Hominid feature a cartoonish, hand-animated, cel-shaded look, with lots of larger-than-life explosions and shamelessly violent sound effects. The alien can jump, duck, fire in all directions, and slice through opponents who get too close for a blast from his trusty zapper.


If that isn't enough, Alien Hominid also has an awesome soundtrack, with original music for every level. They've added a bunch of mini-games, including over 200 levels of 1-4 player "PDA Games". These are single-screen platformers where the goal is to clear the enemies, avoid the traps and get to the exit. It isn't as easy as it sounds! If the 200+ levels aren't enough for you, the level editor allows you to build your own and save them to a memory card. You can take your levels to friends' houses and watch them squirm!


  • Alien Hominid - a small yellow gender-neutral alien who has the misfortune to crash-land on Earth after FBI agents shoot down his ship
  • The ship literally crashes on the doorstep of FBI headquarters and some of the FBI agents then make off with the craft
  • Unable to communicate with the locals, the small yellow alien reaches for his trusty green laser pistol and grenades and begins fighting back to the scores of FBI agents and outlandish bosses that stand between the alien and his intergalactic set of wheels
  • Whilst the odds may sound daunting for a tiny yellow visitor from space, it's not all bleak
  • The FBI want him out and the local citizens aren't helping his cause but some children help
    save the day
  • Kids offer help in the form of weapon power-ups, in much the same way the hostages in the Metal Slug series do
  • Together, they're a force to be reckoned with!

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