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Changing styles from the two popular GBA titles, Battalion Wars takes gamers into a real-time strategy take on Wars World. You take control of an army of units, like in the GBA titles, and make them complete the missions set. To make the game more interesting, it's also possible to take control of individual units and use them in a live-action battle scenario.


Players take to the battlefield with dozens of soldiers, organizing them into small squads and directing them into the fray. While you can only command a small number of soldiers at a time, the ones not under your direct control don't just stand at ease-- they'll respond to enemy attacks and protect any areas to which they've been deployed. Give the orders, and your soldiers will follow behind you wherever you lead or attack the targets you select


  • Strategy game
  • Wage multiple wars in story-driven campaign mode
  • Strategy room preps you for battle
  • Thrilling scenarios feature an impressive array of armaments

Hardware Requirements

Utilizes the GBA/GCN link-up feature.

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