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With colourful, boomerang action aplenty, Ty must free the rest of the Tasmanian tiger population, who have all been trapped in an alternate dimension known as Dreamtime. Battling the evil Boss Cass across a variety of worlds, Ty sure has his work cut out for him.


During a chance meeting with the Mystical Bunyip Elder, he discovers that his fellow Tasmanian Tigers are still alive, but are trapped in the otherworldly realm of the Dreamtime. He also learns that deep in the Australian outback there exists a rocky outcrop with five sockets. When five magic Talismans are placed in the sockets, the portal to the Dreamtime will open. Unfotunately, these Talismans have been lost and an evil cassowary by the name of Boss Cass is trying to find them. Now Ty is on a quest to recover the Talismans before Boss Cass. If Ty is successful in defeating Boss Cass and his evil minions and activating the portal, the Tasmanian Tigers will be freed and able to populate the earth once more.


  • Explore over 16 levels in the wild and woolly Australian Outback.
  • Use over 8 different boomerangs including the frostyrang, flamorang, and doomarang.
  • Uncover secret areas and extra missions.
  • Collect Power-Ups to give Ty his Super Chomp.
  • Encounter over 50 different characters and enemies.
  • Ride animals, swim around coral reefs, surf down rivers -- whatever it takes to save the Tasmanian Tigers

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Difficulty: Semi-Easy.

Now, I do not like the sort of weapons Ty uses. I mean, A...


g-day (couldn't resist),
well this game is very good, its got a good sound track, and...


I'm going to be straight to the point here. Ty is an offcast of many good 3D...


i would rate this game 5 out of 10 because half of it is good and the other part is...


Great game...needs to have a bit more tips if u want them but other than that its...

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