Now you have a chance to play America's favorite game show any time you want to with Wheel of Fortune for the NES. Spin the wheel. When it lands on a dollar amount, you can take a guess at a consonant in a word puzzle. If your letter is in the puzzle, then you receive the amount of money on the wheel for every instance of the letter. After a successful guess, you can spin the wheel again to make another guess. If the wheel lands on bankrupt, you lose your cash and your turn. If you don't want to spin, you can buy a vowel for $250 or try to solve the puzzle. After three rounds, the player with the most money goes to the bonus round where they can win fabulous prizes. Test your vocabulary with Wheel of Fortune.


A very basic translation of the popular game show Wheel Of Fortune, where you guess letters until you can guess the phrase. This CGA version has three old-school rounds of Wheel of Fortune (where the puzzles are simply "Phrase", "Title", "Person", etc.) and then a bonus round. You can compete against 2 computer players or up to three people can play against each other.


  • True to the Game Show: All the rules are
    exactly the same as the hit TV show - you spin the wheel, land on a
    money amount and guess a letter of the round's little phrase that
    you must complete. You can also buy vowels to use to help piece
    together the answer. The person who correctly guesses the phrase
    gets to keep all the money they earned that round, while the others
    don't gain anything. There are three rounds in total, and a bonus
    round if you have the highest amount of money at the end of the
    three rounds. In the bonus round, you can guess one final phrase
    for a variety of big prizes like a Porshe or $25,000.
  • Challenge Your Friends: Tired of playing
    the same old computer? Then play against up to 2 other friends for
    the best game of Wheel of Fortune ever. See which one of you makes
    it to the final bonus round.
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