Wario is back on the prowl after his little stint on Kitchen Island and is looking for his treasure stolen by the Kitchen Island pirates. Gamplay takes a departure from the first game, and indeed many other platformers: Wario himself can afflicted with numerous status changes from various enemies in the 12 stages of game. You must use these status ailments to progress through the game and unlock all the secrets.

Editor's Note:

This was the first 8 megabit game for the Game Boy.

Added on: June 29, 2001

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[image1 width=200 float=right] If, like myself, you have fond memories of growing up with the Game Boy and... posted Jul 16, 12 7:21am

A nice Mario-esque game that expands off of the first installment. 7/10. WarioLand2 GBC
nothing i have it but not the right system its an old one so it doesnt fit in the gba slot of my ds sadly WarioLand2 GBC

Overall i'd really suggest getting this game if you can find it. i know there's Wario...


if anyone knows how to get past that level, please email me at


FUN FUN FUN. like i said theres like a million levels even if u think u finish the...

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