Vigilante 8 is a combat driving game. You can choose from 12 different vehicles, such as muscle cars, trucks, etc. Depending on which character you choose, your mission will either be one of destruction, or salvation. Acquire various weapons and use them to annihilate your opponents and everything else that stands in your way.


  • Intense vehicular warfare in a shoot-'em-up driving game
  • Choose quest mode or arcade mode
  • Completely destructible environments
  • Fully-loaded combat vehicles
  • Machine guns, special attacks, power-ups, etc.
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May 16, 09 12:33pm
awesome game. Vigilante8 N64
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Sep 20, 03 9:04am
added a cheat
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Jul 30, 02 1:55pm

This game is not fun. I wrote a faq for it, and I'm afraid that I actually made that...

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