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Play as Cody, the owner of the Robopon Dispatching Company. You must save the company from financial ruin by going on a journey to create the ultimate Robopon and become the ultimate Robopon Pro. Collect, trade and battle over 150 Robopon. With the built-in speaker and clock, the game will remind you of special events even when your Game Boy is turned off. Utilizes the infrared "GB Kiss" System to trade your Robopon or give them a quick power boost using your favorite remote control.


  • Assume role of Cody, owner of Robopon Dispatching Company

  • Create ultimate Robopon to become ultimate Robopon pro, or Great Legend

  • Collect, trade, and battle over 150 Robopon

  • Train and modify your Robopon with over 100 different parts and upgrades

  • Battle friends via Game Link Cable

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Jelly Soup
Jan 04, 05 4:44pm
Not the pokemon rip-off everyone thinks it is. RoboponSunVersion GBC
Feb 15, 03 2:35am

Pretty good music, and battle modes. The best thing is, you can use any kind of...

Jun 26, 02 10:24am

Play as a boy who's Grandpa Hogle has a new proto-type called Robopon. Collect about...

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