Rayman Swings into Game Boy Color! Help Rayman explore 8 different worlds (30 levels in all) and battle 20 different kinds of enemies in his quest to free the toons from imprisonment.


  • Side-scrolling platform-style adventure
    More than 30 different levels

  • Converted from the PlayStation original

  • Save Rayman's friends the Electoons from an evil mastermind

  • For 1 player

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S-I-E played Rayman
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An underrated game, in my opinion. Beautiful graphics, nice music, and it's freaking hard. And that's why I love it. Did alllll of it... Rayman PSX
a good playable version from rayman the great escape Rayman PSX
I hate this game, but i have had it for ages. Rayman PSX
Why the hell did i buy this Rayman PSX
Just a Rayman 1 remade Rayman PSX
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9.0 / 10