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You get to control one of three man-eating monsters: Ralph the werewolf, Lizzie the godzilla, and George the gorilla. Up to three players can join in the action of destroying buldings, devouring citizens, and pummeling each other.


Take control a monster and cause as much mayhem and destruction as possible to free your buddies from their prisons. Destroy buildings, toss vehicles, eat people, and collect power-ups to help complete your mission faster. Have a friend get in on the action by having them play alongside you. Together you'll terrorize the entire world!


  • 130 regular levels.
  • 14 bonus levels.
  • New abilities which include kicking, jumping on top of airplanes, and bouncing off buildings.
  • An all-fighting style: no story line to get in the way.
  • The option to configure the controls any way you like.
vrob501 played Rampage: World Tour
A good game if you like destroying stuff. RampageWorldTour N64
Who doesn't love being a monster, and destroying buildings?! I gotta find part 2... RampageWorldTour N64
i also played it for the N64. what is better then being a big mnster who'sd goal is to destroy things. RampageWorldTour N64
this game is as brutal as it is funny, destroy houses for points:P RampageWorldTour N64
The rampage has begun! RampageWorldTour N64
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With an insane amount of levels and enemies, Rampage World Tour is a great game to...

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