Pokémon Silver Own / Want List

Username Comments
Silverlight None
DXD None
aves None
IronDarkness None
weirdalrulez None
riku24 None
skittles07 None
TwilightAlchemist None
final fantasy master None
Gotenks None
Dark Arcanine None
Lesley Pro_04 None
Lukaeu None
GrEyCrEsT (5/5) Pierced the Heart * This is my best experience yet on any Pokemon series. * I recommend for GBC gamers.
Homunculus Lover None
Bash Boy 54 None
CrystalLaser None
Sindrak None
kymo124 None
zelda_link None
Taillow None
Acid Rayne None
DarkSpyro_Dragon best pokemon game...need I say more?
Regard None
TheBloodyClawofElena None
Michaeldsuarez None
Akira_EX None
Chobi None
Aulis Vaara None
BlueJon None
Octarine Skye None
Angel Blade None
dragonclawz None
crazedlunaticr None
Inuyasha64 got all 251 pokemon
AquaTeamV3 Not For Sale
Unknown Warrior None
Giga Bowser None
scaryseizure None
Extreme Mewtwo This game is classic, but it
Archangel None
J_friendship None
seanflynn None
Double Decker Another very good, and very long RPG
Shadow12 None
VeXx None
dtimmy14 None
ruingliff4 None
Kaiba None
Jax06 None