An all-new world of Pokemon awaits you with Pokemon Gold and Silver. Like the first 3 games, Gold and Silver each offer a slightly different mix of Pokemon, and it's your job to catch 'em all! New technologies are available to help you. The game's internal clock keeps the actual time, effecting when Pokemon can appear! Master new Pokemon types and attacks. A Time Capsule lets you trade Pokemon between previous versions, and of course you can trade with your friend using a Link cable.


It's up to you to find, capture, and train all 251 Pokemon in the Johto region. This can be accomplished by trading with the Gold and Silver versions. You also must become the greatest trainer in the region, which means you must defeat the eight gym leaders, then finally defeat the Elite Four, who are the top trainers of Johto.

But it doesn't stop there. Once you've defeated them, you can head on over to the Kanto region and prove yourself there. Can you get all 16 badges?


  • New region: Pokemon Silver takes place three years after the events in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. Now you get to explore the newly discovered region of Johto, full of grassy areas, bodies of water, forests, and other environments suitable for the Pokemon inhabitants. Like any other Pokemon game, it's up to you to find and capture all the Pokemon and become the top trainer of the region. But this time the story extends further than that...

  • Pokemon: Johto is home to 100 new species of Pokemon as well as a few from the original 151. Also new is breeding Pokemon. Breeding is essential for getting that perfect Pokemon you've always dreamed of and for reproducing rare species of course. With new Pokemon comes new attacks, like Whirlpool and Dynamicpunch, and new items, like the berries and new Poke balls. Speaking of items, Pokemon are now able to hold items, which gives you more strategies for combat.

  • Day/Night system: Also new is the day/night system. All you have to do is input the correct time and it will go through day and night just like in the real world. This hugely affects what types of Pokemon that you'll be able to find. for example, Hoothoot can only be found at night, while Sunkern is only found in the morning.

  • Trading between older versions: Some Pokemon you simply are not going to find in Silver, which is why you can trade from your R/B/Y versions to Silver. Bring over your hard trained Pokemon to complete your Pokedex and have a better edge at battles.

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