The Red and Blue versions of Pokemon are the games that started the whole Pokemon craze. As a young Pokemon trainer (Red or Blue), your goal is become the greatest Pokemon Master there ever was by capturing and training up to 151 Pokemon. Not all Pokemon are available in one version; you'll need to trade with friends via Game Link cable to catch 'em all!


As a Pokemon trainer, you must accomplish the task of collecting every single Pokemon there is in the Kanto region, which is 151 to be exact, so happy hunting! You must also train your Pokemon and defeat the eight gym leaders throughout the land. These trainers have specially trained Pokemon and are usually of a certain type so be sure to plan out a strategy first before choosing a battle with them. Once you manage to defeat all eight leaders, then you become eligible to battle against the Elite Four, THE strongest trainers of all.


  • Play as Red, a boy on a quest to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world

  • Collect all 151 red Pokemon

  • Train your creatures and they will evolve into different types

  • Trade Pokemon with your friends using the Game Link Cable

  • For 1 or 2 player action only

Editor's Note:

Co-developed by Game Freak.

Added on: July 20, 2001

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