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Pokemon Green Version is one of the two original Pokemon (also known as Pocket Monsters) games released in Japan that unexpectedly started a legacy. Often mistaken for the "Japanese Blue Version", Green Version was an original title alongside Red that was reprogrammed (with changes to coloring and sprites) and released nationally, becoming an instant hit and winning a place in the hearts of gamers worldwide.

Players take on the role of a young boy who decides to leave his peaceful life with his mother in Pallet Town to embark on a journey unlike any other. Your goal is to become the greatest Poke-master there ever was by capturing and training up to 150 Pokemon- animal-like creatures who fight loyally for their trainer. Not all Pokemon are available in one version; you'll need to trade with friends via Game Link cable to catch 'em all!


All "first generation" Pokemon games set the foundation for portable RPG gaming. Players walk or cycle through towns, visit shops, interact with knowledgeable townsfolk, battle trainers, visit the slots, and collect items and power-ups amongst many other things.

Walking in grass and surfing will trigger random battles with wild Pokemon where you can either defeat or catch them. Since you can only hold six Pokemon at a time and need to fill a Pokedex that contains data on 152 Pokemon, there is a storage system in the (in-game) PC that you can use to manage your Pokemon and items.

The battles are turn-based, attack order determined by statistics given to each Pokemon which are improved when they level up or when given a certain item. There are many trainers scattered throughout the region of Kanto who, when you walk into their line of vision, walk over to you and engage you in battle. There are also gyms and organizations that need to be dealt with! There is so much to do in the fascinating world of Pokemon! See where it all began!

Hardware Info

Japan import only, supported on American Game Boy systems (GB, GBC, GBA, GBASP). DO NOT LINK US AND JP GAMES. Attempted trades will corrupt game data and delete the save file; attempted battles will force the system to restart or shut down. Not compatible with the American Pokemon Stadium games.
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