Pokémon Gold Own / Want List

Username Comments
DXD None
Son_Goten None
KeatonXZX :P
riku24 None
weirdalrulez Favorite game as a kid
jacob0057 None
Night Kirby None
mini_cooper_rules None
Lesley Pro_04 None
Gotenks None
Lukaeu None
Ranger 1 None
Kingy None
Aether None
Eternale Animato LOVE #1
Bash Boy 54 None
CrystalLaser None
Sindrak None
kymo124 None
Tom None
Avalith None
Gamer Boy played it for 3 years and a bit
Michaeldsuarez None
JD012 Everything it touches turns to gold lol
Akira_EX None
Chobi None
Megatonguilmon None
LOD-squa None
BlueJon None
The Video Game Geek None
Laura J None
Jeg None
Inuyasha64 need to beat it
Unknown Warrior None
scaryseizure None
Archangel None
InsanityS None
mario420 None
seanflynn None
Shadow12 None
VeXx None
dtimmy14 None
Jax06 None
Jak66 Very Very Awesome!
Seto Kaiba Not For Sale
Abyss_Soldier Pkmn is FUN
Chiggins None
Misty None
Rheneas None