Pokémon Crystal Own / Want List

Username Comments
ShadowNc Used to have it. Still have it. Under-used. Too stuborn to start a new game.
IronDarkness None
maybe None
BUZZ132 None
CrossHound None
weirdalrulez Really fun to play through.
ARMaster None
Gotenks None
Lukaeu None
Phi None
Lesley Pro_04 None
Milennin None
silenceanddarkness None
Aether None
The Mirari None
riku24 None
Eternale Animato Suicune!
Bash Boy 54 None
CrystalLaser None
Sindrak None
zelda_link None
Acid Rayne None
Manectric Master None
Akira_EX None
Murray3 None
ViperSean None
Angel Blade None
7 Dragon None
m_darkdrogon None
crazedlunaticr None
Inuyasha64 nead to beat it
Unknown Warrior None
Double_En None
Dark Linda None
Extreme Mewtwo This game is like the updated version of Pokemon Silver.
Archangel None
seanflynn None
Shadow12 None
dtimmy14 None
Kaiba None
LightningThedgehog None
Jax06 None
SS4Frieza None
Jak66 Best Out Of All GBC Pokemon Games!
Ultimate Gogeta None
Seto Kaiba Not For Sale
Chiggins None
Digimaniac none
Majjin Latias Excellent Condition. PM me if interested in purchasing.
Rheneas None