Journey back to the world of Johto as the Gold and Silver Pokemon series continues with brand-new adventures. As a male or female Pokemon trainer, you embark on a quest to become the greatest trainer ever (as always)! Explore all-new areas in the Johto region. Make use of handy new features introduced in the Gold and Silver versions. Swap Mystery Gifts with your friends via Game Link cable, and transfer Pokemon data to Pokemon Stadium 2 for the N64.


It's up to you to find, capture, and train all 251 Pokemon in the Johto region. This can be accomplished by trading with the Gold and Silver versions. You also must become the greatest trainer in the region, which means you must defeat the eight gym leaders, then finally defeat the Elite Four, who are the top trainers of Johto.

But it doesn't stop there. Once you've defeated them, you can head on over to the Kanto region and prove yourself there. Can you get all 16 badges?


  • Explore Johto, a giant all-new world

  • A real-time clock tracks your progress

  • Train, battle, and breed your Pokémon creatures

  • Two new pokemon types: Dark and Steel

  • Trade Pokémon with Gold or Silver editions of the game

Editor's Note:

Developed by Game Freak.

Added on: July 23, 2001

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Nov 12, 14 5:41am
So fun to play mater of fact playing it right now PokemonCrystal GBC
Nov 12, 14 5:33am
I love Pokemon Crystal mostly the new graphics from gen 1 and i love the two future remakes =) PokemonCrystal GBC
Oct 06, 14 3:53pm
added a cheat
Monterey Jack
Sep 07, 14 8:31am

Bugger the fancy intro – I *bleep*en love Pokemon Crystal!

Granted, most Pokemon games tend to be...

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Apr 28, 14 6:56pm
Crystals are shiny right? PokemonCrystal GBC
Oct 26, 13 3:24am
added a cheat
Sep 12, 13 3:43pm
Apr 03, 13 4:25pm
This was my very first Pokemon Game! ♥ PokemonCrystal GBC
Nov 04, 12 4:50am
added a cheat
Apr 21, 12 10:34am
added a cheat
Mar 25, 12 9:35am
joseph bezzina
Jan 31, 12 6:34am
this game is a classic stfu remakes PokemonCrystal GBC
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