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Plunge into a magical rift within the steaming jungles of South America to enter a new dimension filled with treachery. Guide young Pitfall Harry Jr. as he swings, leaps, and combats deadly creatures in 15 side-scrolling levels to protect the Moku people from evil Scourge.


  • Princess Mira has been captured, and it's up to Pitfall Harry Jr. to save her and the people of Shenrak

  • The evil Scourge has scorpions, vultures, and booby traps at its disposal, while Pitfall Harry Jr. is armed only with a pick axe

  • The odds may weigh against him, but when you're an adventurous treasure hunter with a track record like Harry's, things don't look so bad

  • Backwards compatible with any Game Boy unit, including Game Boy Pocket, Super Game Boy, and the original Game Boy
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Graphics: Pretty varied levels, but primitive animation of both the main character and...

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