Pefect Dark's GBC incarnation actually takes place before the original N64 game. Our hero, special agent-in-training Joanna Dark, must go through 7 missions set in a variety of locales. Those familiar with Pefect Dark on the N64 will discover new information regarding the sinister dataDyne corporation. This GBC game pak incorporates a Rumble feature, and makes use of the GBC printer. Use the Infrared Port to interface the GBC version of the game with the N64 version to unlock N64 cheats.


As Joanna Dark, you must stop an evil corporation from destroying the entire world. Before starting a mission, you are given the option to set the difficulty for the level, from beginning to advanced. Depending on what difficulty setting you chose will determine how tough it is to advance through the level. 40 weapons are available to use against your enemies such as pistols and shotguns. If the game proves to be a bit challenging, then you can play through with a friend to help in your missions.


  • Action-adventure game for the Game Boy Color

  • Prequel to the Nintendo 64 version of Perfect Dark

  • 7 missions for deluxe action play

  • 2-player deathmatch mode via the separately sold Game Link cable

  • Share information with the Nintendo 64 version of Perfect Dark via the separately sold Transfer Pak

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