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Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition is a Game Boy Color game that came out in late 1999. Earlier in the same year, NAMCO LTD. and Nintendo released Pac Man: Special Color Edition, featuring is the original game boy Pac-Man restored in color and threw in Pac-Attack as a bonus. A few months later, it's Mrs. Pac-Man's turn for a color makeover. And this time, the game includes a Game Boy version of the 1982 classic, Super Pac-Man as a special bonus!

Game Play


  • The Original Game Boy version of Ms. Pac-Man
restored in color for the Game Boy Color.
  • Two board display modes for gameplay, Full Screen,
and Scroll.
*Includes a never-before released Game Boy Version
of Super Pac-Man, In Color!
(Also haa two board display modes, Full Screen and Scroll.)

Hardware Info

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