Mortal Kombat 4 comes to the GBC. Eight combatants are featured and a few more are hidden. Combatants can duke it out to 3 challenge levels. Fatalities (toned down) and in-game speech are also featured.


  • 2D combat tournament fighting

  • Choose from eight Mortal Kombat characters

  • Unlock hidden characters

  • Full-motion video occurs after each fatality

  • For 1 or 2 player action only
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YoshiMonster92 played Mortal Kombat 4
Not really that enjoyable to begin with. MortalKombat4 N64
how the hell did this game get a score of 7? it was friggen excellent xD MortalKombat4 N64
beboto and 2 others own Mortal Kombat 4
fun game.. but sometimes a pain in the *blank* MortalKombat4 N64

This game would have been a whole lot better if it weren't for those completely sucky...

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3.9 / 10