Rogue members of FOXHOUND take over a nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island. They threaten to launch a nuclear attack unless their demands are met, one being that the United States turn over the remains of Big Boss (Solidus Snake). Colonel Roy Campbell brings in the best FOXHOUND soldier, Solid Snake to save the day. During the mission Solid discovers that he and Liquid Snake are brothers, clones created from Big Boss as part of a secret military project. Although Solid destroys Metal Gear Rex, he finds he has once again been used as a military pawn. In the end he leaves Shadow Moses with Meryl, determined to enjoy life and leave his soldier lifestyle behind him.


Infiltrate enemy territory, avoid battles, and avoid being seen. Use the weapons you find to your advantage to complete your mission. You can use a disguise to fool your enemies and you must use the weapons at your disposal to defeat the bosses as you gradually get closer and closer to finding and destroying Metal Gear. Only then will your mission be complete.

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It's to good to talk about sensibly. It's so damn good. Hideo Kojima, thank you. MetalGearSolid PC
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Absolute masterpiece. The greatest PSX game of all time! MetalGearSolid PC
The greatest stealth game of all time. :') MetalGearSolid PC
actually have this downloaded to my psp from psn. MetalGearSolid PC
the story was great but it didn't really focus on the gameplay as much as the dialogue MetalGearSolid PC
metal gear solid everyone loves stealth action! including me!! MetalGearSolid PC
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