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The enigmatic Sinistrals and their hideout, Doom Island, are preparing to appear for a third time in the world of Lufia. This time they're joined forces with Balzak, the God of Fire. The hero Wain is recruited by Seena to assist her in a quest to solve the riddles of 4 towers that've appeared throughout the world. Unlike past Lufia games, up to 9 characters may be utilized in traditional, turn-based combat. Dungeons are randomly generated each time you enter them.


  • Action-packed fantasy RPG

  • Complex turn-based fighting system

  • Large and diverse party capacity

  • Each new dungeon is randomly generated

  • For 1 player action only

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It's a great game, on the scale, i put 4.8, it's just the sinistrals are annoying. it...


This game is very easy to play with it's bright colour and animations. The concept of...


I liked the ending the best. I think everyone in the whole world who has a Gameboy...

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