The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Own / Want List

Username Comments
Hrvstmn None
ska8punk None
Master of the VG None
brainiac256 None
Hybrid None
Sindrak None
TheBloodyClawofElena None
SuperKrauser None
Conker the King None
Chobi None
DSduffaroo45 None
Saevus None
dragonclawz None
Jeg None
MusiKon None
Giga Bowser None
Insanity Prevails None
AlucardsDad666 None
ruingliff4 non DX ver.
Chaos Swordsman None
IndependantMOFO None
X10 None
Wyraachur None
GamedudeV5 None
yugiRULER None
Zeig Elfheart None
Wolf Tails Great game
CrystalLaser None
Zelda_Fanatic great Zelda game
Brokaliv None
Asch None
Khirsah None
Jelly Soup The color only adds to the charm.
WangChung None
Kilik 64 None
So little time None
Lukas None
Paper Mario Dude None
tetratrax None
Sephiroth 38524 None
gundambond007 None
maverickboy None
Monterey Jack None
Capoland None
Ecto5 None
Cangriman None
Gryzor None
Steelrunner This is a greaaaaaaat game. I spent endless hours, doing the 'special-ending.' Goshdang Link never seems to have enough hearts.