The Mayor of your grandfather's hometown informs you that a greedy corporation has plans to turn your family's farm into a landfill. The village does not have enough money to outbid the corporation and they are turning to you for help. You are the only one that can save this farm. Features new mini-games including snowboarding, more shops and side quests, and the opportunity to score a spouse.


The object of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland is to successfully save the village from being turned into a resort. Construction begins in a year, so you must find a way to save your homeland before that. Unlike previous Harvest Moon titles, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland will offer nine unique ways in which to complete your task. Thus offering nine different endings to the game!

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland focuses more attention on relationships than that of making money. Befriending the people in town is the key to successfully completing your task. There are over 100 different heartwarming events, each one leading to the next. This is the first Harvest Moon title to be in a true 3-D environment. It looks much more realistic, yet it will not lose the cute animation aspect that all Harvest Moon titles are known for.


  • Debuts as the next installment in the Harvest Moon series

  • Save the family farm from a greedy corporation

  • Play as a girl or a boy and select from a wide range of pets

  • All-new minigames, quests, items, and events

  • For 1 player action only

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