You found a farm at an unbelievable price-FREE! Unfortunately, the honorable mayor of your local town has told you to restore the farm to its former glory within three years or he'll be forced to have the property turned into a tacky theme park. You'll be growing crops, clearing land and raising animals while keeping up with the goings on in the nearby town. Live the life of a male or female farmer.


  • Choose between playing as a boy or a girl farmer

  • Raise cows, chickens and sheep--keep them happy and they'll make you rich

  • Collect insects, fish and flowers for the local library reference books

  • Special hidden aracde games include Mole Bash and Cherry Cup Horse Races

  • For 1 player action only

Editor's Note:

Those with Game Link cables will be able to trade data with other Harvest Moon 2 GBC and Legend of the River King 2 games.

Added on: June 22, 2001

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I really want it! Im gonna check eb games 1st HarvestMoon2 GBC

I love this game. The gender choice makes it better. All the animals and town people...


Cool game except you cant get married. 8^(


It has a good plot, like most of the other hm games, but it doesn't let you get...


it's a good game, but you can't get married, although, on the good side you can have...

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