Here's your chance to get away from the smog and traffic of the city and experience life in the country in the farming simulation Harvest Moon. You'll literally enjoy the fruits of your labor as you plant seeds and watch them grow into all kinds of fruit-giving trees, vegetables, and everything else you need to survive. You'll have to consider several factors when planning your farm: when the harvest season occurs, the changing of the seasons, and natural disasters that nobody can predict. In the world of Harvest Moon, it's not who you know, it's what you sow


All the thrills of farming with new color surprises.Since this game is compatible with Game Boy Game Link Cable, you can exchange animals and seeds with your friends to create your own unique ranch. Best of all, Harvest Moon offers a greater variety of characters, crops and animals to choose from, making each game's outcome more fun and less predictable.


  • Build and run a farm while building and living a successful life.

  • A brand new Harvest Moon world with 40 new characters.

  • Revived marriage system, the ability to raise a child.

  • 6 chapters of your life spanning 30 years.

  • For 1 player
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Not for sale. HarvestMoon GBC
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Not for sale. HarvestMoon GBC
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I used to have the cartridge, but now I don't. =( HarvestMoon GBC
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It's kinda borring... but it's a HM game so I'll keep it. HarvestMoon GBC
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I really want this game HarvestMoon GBC
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I reely want this one too HarvestMoon GBC
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Comments.. well the game is like so awsome.. there are so many kewl parts. and in ur...

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This is a game that is good for a short while, but you will soon get bored of it. You...

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This is just like any of the other Harvest Moon games. This is one of the first ones,...

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