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Game Boy Color was the ultimate evolution of the original Game Boy system. Released in 1998, Game Boy Color added a color display, allowing for a palette of over 32,000 colors. Game Boy Color was compatible with hundreds of original Game Boy games.


Clock Speed: approx. 8 MHz

4x as much memory as original Game Boy

Processor: 8080 workalike

Infrared communications port for wireless linking (only supported in a few games)

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My favorite hand-held system of its time. Perfect size, great quality, and color! Oh, the memories... GameboyColor GBC
I actually have the original fat Gameboy, but you can't pick that on Neo! I have three GBCs, a Kiwi one, a Pikachu one, and an Atomic... GameboyColor GBC
Great Game System GameboyColor GBC
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