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GAME AND WATCH GALLERY 3 brings five more classic portable games together on one great Game Boy cartridge. Play five games including EGG, TURTLE BRIDGE, GREENHOUSE, DONKEY KONG JR., and MARIO BROS. in Classic or Enhanced mode! In EGG, eggs are rolling down a hill, and you have to catch them before they drop. TURTLE BRIDGE has you carrying packages across the backs of turtles to bring them to the other side of a bridge. GREENHOUSE challenges you to protect the plants of the greenhouse from invading insect pests. DONKEY KONG JR. sees the young son of Donkey Kong trying to save his dad from Mario. MARIO BROS. has you moving parts along a conveyor belt. The belt moves faster and faster as the game goes on, so stay sharp or things will get out of control. The Enhanced mode of each game includes enhanced gameplay and updated graphics featuring your favorite Nintendo characters.


  • Five games
  • Classic and enhanced modes
  • Variety of gameplay styles
  • Includes a version of DONKEY KONG JR.
  • Features classic Nintendo characters

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3 out of 5 GameandWatchGallery3 GBC
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
This was a great pastime back when I got it. GameandWatchGallery3 GBC
Dec 04, 08 4:33pm
I also have G&WG 1. I love these games.. GameandWatchGallery3 GBC
Jul 17, 08 9:56am
I miss this game... GameandWatchGallery3 GBC
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