Frogger puts you in control of a little frog, who's primary goal is to reach the opposite side of the screen. Dodge and weave through traffic, jump over rows of floating logs, avoid gators, snakes and more while playing under a strict time constraint.

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WangChung and 3 others own Frogger
Very very hard game for it's time, and I don't even remember how many times I must have played that game over and over again. Frogger PSX
just as boring as ever Frogger PSX
Well, I used to own this. v_v Frogger PSX
He's Back! With the retro and many new levels, this fun game is too often underestimated. Frogger PSX

Frogger is simply this, get to the other side of the screen without getting killed. ...

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6.3 / 10