You are a freelance getaway driver for the criminal underworld. You'll race through busy city streets with traffic systems, pedestrians, motorists, and cops to contend with. There are more than 40 missions taking place in San Francisco, Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles. Game modes include Undercover, Pursuit, Getaway, Survival and More.


Driver, a third person driving game where you are the wheelman. Play as an undercover cop, that tries to infiltrate the crime systems in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, each with realistic landmarks. You can control your car just like in real life with working blinkers even. There are over fourty missions where you must find your way from one point to another around the cities trying to escape the cops and reach your destination. Also, there are driving games where you can either be the pursuer, pursuee, or trying to reach from one point in the town to the other.


  • Play a getaway driver for hire in fast-action fun for the Game Boy Color

  • Over 40 missions of getaway action

  • 4 cities: Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

  • Cities come alive with working traffic systems, motorists, and more

  • Multiple gameplay modes: undercover, pursuit, getaway, survival, and more!

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The First Game I ever Owned. Driver PC
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ver Awesome! Driver PC
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8/10 Driver PC
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The original ultimate driving/racing game! Driver PC
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This was a great game kinda like vice city is to us today the cars are a bit squared...

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