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Unlike the previous two Infogrames DBZ games (Legacy of Goku and the Collectible Card Game), Legendary Super Warriors was actually developed over in Japan by Bandai, creators of all sorts of anime-licensed games in the region. Original, though, it is not: it's another card-based strategy game, featuring 19 characters and a story mode pitting the fighter of your choice against Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu and a few other intergalactic miscreants.

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chaotix overlord
Apr 21, 11 1:16pm
i just unlocked ssj goku!!!!!!! DragonBallZLegendarySuperWarriors GBC
Dec 05, 09 12:31am
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E4 Morty
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Aug 29, 07 10:22am
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An absolutely awesome game DragonBallZLegendarySuperWarriors GBC
Jul 27, 06 4:16pm

This game is great. This game has 27 playable characters as well as 125 playing cards....

Jul 11, 06 9:53am
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May 09, 06 3:08am
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Nov 30, 05 5:39am
best gbc game DragonBallZLegendarySuperWarriors GBC
Omega Dragon X
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Sep 01, 05 7:24pm
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sha sha
Aug 31, 05 6:58am
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Jan 02, 05 5:48pm

This has to be one of the best dragonball z games i have ever played. its good to see...

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