To the kids at school, you're eight-year-old Billy Blaze. To alien enemies in the galaxy, you're super hero Commander Keen! Your mission: Recover the lost Plasma Crystals and save the Earth from total destruction! Run, jump and climb through 3 incredible space worlds as you zap intergalactic creatures with your trusty Neural Ray Blaster, solve puzzles and ride magical platforms and teleporters. It's up to you to save Earth's butt!


  • A side-scrolling platform action-adventure game

  • Play as superhero Billy Blaze in a quest to save the world from aliens

  • Recover the plasma crystals from 3 alien worlds

  • Ride magical platforms and special teleporters

  • 35 aliens and mega-bosses

Editor's Note:

Developed by David A. Palmer Productions. Based on the classic EGA PC game.

Added on: July 04, 2001

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