The Professor has kidnapped Felix the Cat's girlfriend, Kitty. To get her back, Felix must give The Professor his Magic Bag of Tricks. Rather than give in to his demands, Felix heads out on an adventure to save Kitty. He'll have to explore a number of unique environments and face a host of enemies. Fortunately, Felix can reach into the Magic Bag and pull out a number of useful items. If he is careful in his journey, a few hidden bonus zones and shortcuts can be found. Rescue Kitty from the clutches of The Professor in FELIX THE CAT.
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Diamond Ice
May 23, 09 6:21pm
I bought this for my younger sister one day, but she refused to take it and insisted on NintenDogs, which I couldn't find. So now I'm... Catz GBC
Mar 14, 09 5:23am
I only got this game because I thought it would be like Nintendogs. Catz GBC
Feb 18, 07 10:37am
If you like to take cute oics of cats this is the game for you!!!!!!! Catz GBC
Sep 24, 06 2:12am
I loved the gameboy one, just imagine how awesome this will be on the DS! Catz GBC
Apr 21, 06 10:38am
I love catz! Catz GBC
  • Genre: Life (GBC)
  • Theme(s): Family, Children's
  • Perspective(s): First Person
  • Developer: Saffire
  • Publisher: Mindscape
  • Released
    North AmericaDec 30, 1999
  • Also known as:
  • Nakayoshi Pet Advance Series 3: Kawaii Koneko in Japan
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