Taking on the character of Max Damage, you have total freedom to play the game any way you want: play the tracks; waste your opponents; or rack up the points by ridding the world of hideous zombie mutations. Discover pick-ups such as the 'slaughter mortar' for that extra killing edge. It's total freedom; there are no rules- just drive to survive. Features 20 cars, and 32 tracks in 8 areas.


  • Total freedom to race, chase, and annihilate anywhere on the map

  • 20 cars with their own individual characteristics

  • 40 different tracks spread out over 10 areas

  • Artificial intelligence that is divided into 5 modes

  • Game Boy link cable supported

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I own the Rare PSX Version not the Windows version Carmageddon GBC
civillian casualties at its max Carmageddon GBC
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