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The evil Emperor Zurg is trying to conquer the universe. Buzz Lightyear and his team of Space Rangers must stop him, with the aid of powerful weaponry, gadgets and extra abilities. Featuring the lovable albeit air-headed astronaut from Disney's ToyStory.


  • Based on hit disney movie Toy Story

  • Help Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear battle Emperor Zurg

  • Explore 7 worlds, containing 14 levels

  • Use jetpacks, laser guns, and homing plasma bolts

  • Battle bosses like Torque, XL, and Warp Darkmatter

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Aug 18, 10 8:58pm
Fun game to pick up and play with it's Buzz Lightyear goodness. Enjoyed blasting people apart. BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand DC
Dec 26, 02 2:39pm
added a cheat
Sep 23, 01 6:36pm

The blue elephant and the golden robot makes you ponder about Star Wars.

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