Gotham has always been a place of secrets. Now, the Riddler has found a way to tap into those secrets. What can he use them for? To destroy Batman, of course. You take the role of Batman as he tries to protect his secret identity and stop the Riddler's evil plans. You will have to run and punch your way through levels filled with enemies like Feeler, Saddo, and Jerry. Luckily, the caped crusader has a number of devastating moves he can use, including a devastating uppercut. It's up to you to help Batman save Gotham once again in Batman Forever.


  • Features based on film, multiple levels, variety of attacks, funny named bad guys, play as Batman
Aug 01, 11 10:03am
My favorite Batman game as it's 2 player co-op BatmanForeverTheArcadeGame PC
Aug 01, 11 10:01am
While you have to share the same screen BatmanForeverTheArcadeGame PC
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