In Azuze Dream you play as a boy named Koh. It is your 15th birthday and you've decided to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of your father - a monster tamer and hunter who went missing mysteriously one night in the tower of your town, Monsbaiya.


  • Role-playing fantasy

  • Conquer the Tower of Monstrosity

  • Avenge the death of the protagonists's father

  • Elements of monster breeding throughout the entire game

  • One player action only
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Neo FlameOut
Jun 18, 07 2:11am
Man, is this game long or what? Now I'm going DOWN the tower... doesn't help that I start at ground floor every time. Had been at this... AzureDreams PSX
Oct 25, 06 9:24am
message me on neoseeker AzureDreams PSX
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