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Being an International Man of Mystery isn't all its cracked up to be, baby. Well, okay, it is. It's smashing. It isn't all jet setting around he world, driving fast cars, making friends, and fighting evil. Well, okay, it is. And that's what Austin Powers: Oh, Behave! Is all about. Defeating evil in all its various forms, especially the square, lazy-eyed form – yes, Dr. Evil. The biggest square of them all, and a complete non-Swinger. Evil is trying to take over the world and quite frankly, those gray uniforms and quasi-futuristic home furnishings are NOT conducive to world peace. And I'm spent. Oh, behave!


  • Collection of mini games and activities selectable through a Windows parody operating systems

  • Games include: Rock, Paper, Scissors; Othello; and a Pac-Man clone

  • Write out then print or beam messages using the Austin Pad

  • Interchangeable with Austin Powers 2 - "Welcome To My Underground Lair via a link-cable

  • Library of sounds from the movie

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It's kinda like a computer, with the internet (only shows the movie's info page) and some games AustinPowersOhBehave GBC
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