Join the Animorphs and feel their morphing power as you confront the evil Yeerks. With your help, the Animorphs can win this battle. Morph into dolphins, monkeys, mice, tigers, lions - any animal you touch! Defeat the evil Yeerks, the fearsome Hork-Bajir and the flesh eating Taxxon. Claw, bite, gnaw, punch, & kick as you battle to save the earth.


  • You are Earth's only chance for survival against an alien invasion

  • Morph into dolphins, monkeys, mice- any animal you touch
    confront the evil Yeerks

  • 16 defense modes- claw, bite, gnaw, punch, & kick

  • For 1 player action only

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Given the phenominal sales of nintendo,s pokemon carts,iit should come as no surprise...

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