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Dave Mirra FreeStyle BMX lets you spin, grind and stall your way through 8 vert, dirt and street levels. Master more than 20 BMX tricks and 4 different bikes. Earn medals and unlock secrets. Compete in single competitions or full tournaments with up to 4 friends on one GameBoy. Features Password Save.


  • 10-time BMX World Champion Dave Mirra Debuts

  • 8 action packed levels to choose from

  • 20 BMX tricks and 4 different bikes

  • Fulfill objectives and score big to earn medals and unlock secrets

  • Supports up to 4 players in single competitions and full tournaments

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Master of the VG owns Dave Mirra FreeStyle BMX
Extreme Mewtwo
Feb 17, 03 10:38am

This game is only good because it has Dave Mirra in it, and the tricks are really...

Dec 26, 02 4:06pm
added a cheat
Nov 28, 02 3:30pm

this is SOOOO pathetic... i usually love sports games no matter how many little flaws...

Aug 23, 02 7:12pm

This game doesnt have that much to do and if you like watching a character that looks...

Master of the VG
Jul 30, 02 9:57am

I was suprised to see that this game is a lot better than I thought it would be. Most...

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