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Return to the world of Zone of the Enders in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars. Guide a young boy named Cage as he takes control of a armed prototype mech in order to prevent a space colony hijack of Mars. 35 chapters to experience. Based on the anime series.


In the Battle Stage, there are two different modes: "Standard Battle Mode", which uses various parameters such as Attack Power, Defense Power, Evasion, and Hits to calculate statistics such as Accuracy Rate and Damage Levels; and "IAS Battle Mode", utilizing interactive battle, which also factors in the player's control input with the battle results to arrive at a final rating.


  • Customize mechs by increasing strength and firepower

  • Maintain complete tactical control across large battlefields

  • Multiple missions and objectives

  • Futuristic techno-inspired soundtrack

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The first time in my life I have ever played such a magnificent game. Great animation,...


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