Adventure is waiting, play the movie! Based on the feature film directed by Jon Favreau and the best-selling children's book by Chris Van Allsburg, players can experience outer space like never before. The intergalactic journey begins when a mysterious board game thrusts the house of two young brothers, Walter and Danny, into outer space. The boys must put aside their sibling rivalry, and players must utilize each character's unique strengths, to survive each challenge. Battle deadly aliens, menacing robots and other celestial hazards in this space journey filled with action-packed adventure in order to get back home safely to planet Earth.


  • Create your own exciting space adventures based on the film directed by Jon Favreau and the book by Chris Van Allsburg
  • Explore 20 action-packed levels spanning the universe, including some only hinted at in the film and book.
  • Over 36 dangerous alien adversaries, including lizard-like Zorgons, menacing robots and other bizarre space creatures.
  • Play as Walter, Danny, or a rampaging robot, utilizing the characters' unique strengths and abilities to conquer each situation.

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